PTV Sports Biss Key 2015 – How To Add PTV Sports Biss Key?

ptv sports biss key

ptv sports biss keyPTV sports is the national sports channel of Pakistan that is owned by Pakistan Television Network. It was launched on 14th January 2012. Till at this moment, PTV sports have telecasted pretty much all cricket matches of Pakistan and additionally all other important sports festivals like Football World cup. Tennis Events Rugby World cup and all such events including Olympics. In 2012, PTV Sports took over as the first TV channel in Pakistan to put out the Barclay’s Premier League Football. Recently, PTV Sports extend the authorized rights deal with PCB AND ICC . So, now the channel will transmit all cricket matches of Pakistan till 2019 world cup including T20 World Cup 2016. PTV sports has become the most viewed sports channel in Pakistan in just a very short span. Not only Cricket, but PTV also has rights of showing all Hockey Football and other events of Pakistan.

PTV Sports Biss Key

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Here is the key


How To Add Biss Key On Satellite Television?

A number of people have no idea that how to use Biss key and frequency. We have now made this quite simple and effortless for the people who don’t know how to enter a Biss key. If you are a big fan of the cricket, We request you to bookmark this page because you’ll be able to find the new and update Biss code here. If you’ve got the Cable or Dish TV Facility  then you can enjoy live cricket  matches of Pakistan Cricket  very easily.  However, in case you decided to watch live cricket streaming from your Satellite Television then you have to understand how to add latest Biss key frequency to enjoy the live telecast of the PTV sports channel to enjoy cricket without having being interrupted. Here you will find the most convenient way to enter Biss key

Follow these simple and easy steps one by one

  1. Get your hands on your Receiver Remote and press on the main Information Button.
  2. Now, Click on the INFO button which is you can find in the center of the receiver remote your receiver will show Channels.
  3. The Second Step is to Dial 1234 using your Remote.
  4. Now, at this moment, you are likely to find Code option Come in your Screen if so so now add the latest Biss key which is made available from PTV sports and now hit OK button .
  5. Congratulation to you, now you have successfully added PTV Sports Biss Key on to your satellite Television.

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