Pak Vs UAE | Pakistan Vs UAE 29th February 2016

Pak Vs UAE

Today 6th match of Asia Cup will be played between Pakistan and UAE in the same venue where all the matches of Asia Cup have been played. After loosing first match against the biggest rival with such a big margin, Pakistan cannot afford to loose another match. Whereas UAE have played its two matches one with Bangladesh and one with Srilanka, unfortunately lost both of them. If UAE will loose the match it would be very difficult for them to stay longer in the tournament. Pakistan has only played one match so far in this Asia Cup with its biggest rival; India and created a very less total because of this they lost their first match. No doubt it was a big heartbreaking defeat of Pakistan as all the top class players went off to the pavillion one after another due to which the aggregate did not cross 100.

Retaliation Of Green Shirts:

However Pakistan has badly dissappointed the nation with such a pathetic performance against India, the spectators are still expecting a lot from them. And indeed the loos was irrepairable but yet Pakistan through its extraordinary performance can make it up. It is a good and yet more easy chance for Pakistan to attain the leftover status. One thing must be kept in mind that no previous mistakes would repeat again. Pakistan must realize the fact that it is very important for them to stay longer in the tournament. It must qualify itself for the finals and for this purpose they must improve their batting and fielding skills. As far as the bowling attack of Pakistan is concerned, it has a diverse variety of bowlers but the lack is only a good assistance. Wahab riaz has been good in T20s but remained an expensive bowler in the last played match, he must know how to bowl on wicket to wicket. Whereas the presence of Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Sami and Muhammad Amir is good because of their excellent bowling skills. Pakistan has the potential to target any team with their outstanding variety of bowling. But the need of the hour is to play a consistent batting and responsible fielding. Despit the fact of failed batting in last matches, Pakistan continued to play hard in the next matches and today the chance is easy for them to attain as the opponent team is not that much strong to curb Green Shirts.

U.a.e – A Less Strong Team:

UAE have played two matches so far in this Asia cup and lost both of them by the hosts and Srilanka. It would be quite easy for Pakistan to win the game against UAE because the team has not compitent and professional players in it. But it does not mean they are deprived of talent, the team has some good talented players who really played well in last matches. But today they are going to face Pakistan, a team who has been blessed with extremely talented batsmen and bowlers. And it is always difficult for any team to stay longer infront of Pakistan’s bowlers. If Pakistan win the toss it must play first and play consistently by posting runs more than 140. There is a misconception between the players as they play T20 matches just like an ODI, which is absolutely a wrong preception. In T20s every dot ball is a serious loss for the playing team therefore Pakistan must assure themselves that no such mistakes are going to happen in the next matches. Many expectations have been built from green shirts in tommorrow’s match. The match will start at 6:30 pm according to Pakistan’s time.

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