Most Awaited Match: Pak- Indo Clash on 27th February

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Pakistan vs India Asia Cup 2016

As Asia Cup is coming, the people around the world is very excited to welcome it. Bangladesh is going to host it where rest of the four teams would participate. Last year, Asia Cup was played in Australia. Where, Sri Lanka won the cup. The anticipation and curiosity of Asia cup is aggravated when the scheduled have been declared. Asia cup will start from 24th of February 2016, in which one of the biggest rivals India and Pakistan would face each other on 27th of February. People usually consider the clash between India and Pakistan is more eye catching and bigger than Ashes series.

Pakistan vs India Asia Cup 2016Around the world people are happy for having an Asia Cup series before the T20 World Cup 2016 but are more eager to see a thrilling competition between India and Pakistan. One of the cricket enthusiasts said that Indo Pak match happens like an Eid Holiday when all of our family members gathers and witness the superb clash between both the teams. People are desperate and more curious when both teams will come in face to face with each other. These kinds of bilateral series must happen if we want to melt down the cold war between our nations. Another woman said that his husband usually don’t pay any heed to cricket but when it comes to a game between Pakistan and India, he takes an off from the office. A man who is a taxi driver said that i don’t know why India is not willing to play with Pakistan and suggested the Indian government to keep the politics aside from cricket.

These kinds of expressions from the people are generally a sign of good intentions in their hearts and off course for the deep love of cricket. Pakistan has won the Asia Cup two times whereas India and Sri Lanka got it five times each which means of strong hold over it. But still people around the entire world are extremely happy and curious and according to them they cannot wait any more to see a match between India and Pakistan in Asia Cup series which will be held on 27th February.

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