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Geo news is among the best news channels in Pakistan. It’s actually a privately owned news channel which is mostly viewed by the people in Pakistan and outside the Pakistan as well. It’s considered to be one of the trustworthy news channels and has a large amount of viewership and follower-ship from international peoples as well. This channel has now provided a comfortable zone to its audiences by providing an effortless subscription to mobile users, now people can easily watch their favorite news channel even if television set is not accessible.


A nation implies a psychological feeling of unity and integration of people and sense of oneness and togetherness among them. Talk shows part their roles in shaping the integration of a nation and tries to divert the attention of the nation on the contemporaneity issues in the country. As far as the top three talk shows of Geo news are concerned :

Capital talk:

Capital talk is regarded as one of the best talk shows in Pakistan. This show is hosted by the most eligible and sophisticated anchor person Hamid Mir. This show deals with the contemporaneity issues prevailing in Pakistan. There are several experts and people from other political parties as well who portray their point of view regarding those issues.

Aaj Shahzeb Khan Zada K Sath:

Another best talk show on Geo news is aaj shahzeb khan zada k sath which is hosted by Shahzeb khan zada in which current issues of Pakistan are discussed. In this show the host calls the persons and people of other political parties who are releated to those problems in order to give their views and opinions on it. It also includes different controversies among different political parties.


Jirga is another great talk show which is on number three. This show has been hosted by the pashto anchor Saleem Safi, he has great knowledge about the current affairs. In this show he invites the persons belonging to different political parties and other high officials. This is not just an interview but the complete informative conversation regarding the issues which the country is facing. All of these talk shows not only conversation with the guests but also tries to find a suitable solutions for the problems.

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