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Express news INTRODUCTION:

Express news is one of those news channels, which broadcast news unbiased and non partially. In just few years it had gained a lot of fame from its viewers. It shows a variety of talk shows, this news channel reveals the hidden facts which are usually unaware by the people. It is one of the rapidly growing news channel which has very impact news from all around the world. It is affiliated with new York times, the express tribune therefore no one can ever doubt on its authenticity.



“KAL TAK”is on the top, which is been hosted by a senior anchor person- Mr.Javed Chaudary. He also calls important persons in his show and conversation with them and ask them that how they are performing their activity. In this way, he did not only broadcasting a show but also make the leaders realize that they are accountable to the entire public. These kinds of talk shows are the strength of electronic media, through which the actual situation of the country came into front, therefore they should enhance their activity to a greater extent.


“TAKRAAR” is on number two, this a unique of a talk show which is hosted by very intelligent and vigilant anchor- Imran Khan. He calls off the important or some political personals who are related to the problem and made them accountable for what they did for the country. These kinds of shows are very impactful and healthy for the favorable condition of the country.

G for Gharida

Express news always broadcast shows related to the problems, as far as the top three talk shows of Express news are concerned, “G for Gharida” is on number three. This show is hosted by Gharida Farooqi, earlier she was a news caster of Geo News, but now she is been anchoring for Express news. She is extremely talented and confident therefore the popularity of this show goes viral. The host has potential to argue with a opponent in order to justify the situation. The traditional values of journalism should be taught and must not eliminated altogether to bring it in a sequence with the needs of the modern world.

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